1 Thessalonians 5:11
Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Encouragement is, by design, God’s preventative medicine to protect our hearts.

Sound Familiar?

Work pressure, deadlines, financial hardships, family responsibilities, life decisions to be made, etc.

Weariness from doing right and good, but not seeing results, losing hope

Experience of loss, death, divorce, separation

Loneliness or sadness

 Failure or failing at a task

Illness or absence from the fellowship for extended periods

Having a loved one in spiritual trouble

Experience of anxiety, worry, fearfulness

Being the “caregiver” person who is always giving, caring and or working behind the scenes

We all need encouragement, a pat on the back  every now and then. The people of CCC believe that God put us together for a reason, and encouraging one another is one of those reasons.

In the link below you will find contact information for all of our members. We encourage you to encourage others by reaching out to someone, send them a text, an email or give them a call, let them know that you care. The Encouragement Portal is password protected for the privacy of our members. 

If you would like to receive or share in encouraging others please fill out the contact form below and a leader will contact you. 

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